IntellectoKids Preschool Academy

Ready you child for school with IntellectoKids Preschool Academy, an educational app for 3-6yo children

Education first
The Preschool Academy comprises a series of learning games that teach preschoolers core skills & knowledge essential to further succeed on the education path. The activities are designed by educators with a vast experience in various early teaching methodologies
All-around approach
Our educational activities are aimed at developing a wide spectrum of competencies:
  • logical & conceptual thinking
  • sorting skills & color recognition
  • numbers & counting
  • alphabet & letters
  • art & musical instruments
  • science & nature
  • memory skills
Multi-language learning
Learn in 20+ languages. A bi-lingual mode is available in some edugames
Regular updates
New educational content is released WEEKLY! A completely new edugame is launched each 3 months!
Personalized Learning
Our games grow with your preschool child, offering three different levels of learning and game play fun for children 3-4, 4-5 & 5-6 years old
Developed with kids
We actively involve kids into the development process to make sure that our games are really engaging and intutive
Our games are always safe and free of ads or hidden in-app purchases once the subscription is purchased. Neither they ask for a personally identifiable info about your child
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