We design educational games
for preschoolers

Our apps teach core logic skills, as well as the foundations for math and reading,
where each game scales and grows as children play and learn

Education First
Our learning games teach preschoolers core logic skills, as well as the foundations for math and reading
Scaled Learning
Our games grow with your preschool child, offering three different levels of learning and game play fun for children 3 to 6 years old
Personalized Learning
Our personalized learning adviser will track your child’s progress and deliver a weekly report and recommendations via Facebook Messenger
Multiple Accounts
Coming soon! Our games will soon allow multiple children in the family to play and learn at different levels
Safe & Ad Free
Our games are always safe and free of ads or in-app purchases
Safari School
Age: 3-6 yo
Skills: logic, colors, counting
Safari School
Get Ready to Learn! Safari School takes children on wonderful learning adventures, where children travel by train with Leo the Cat to learn colors, sorting, counting & numbers
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