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In October 2016 IntellectoKids has released Safari School, the first educational game in a pipeline of preschool apps that leverage the proliferation of mobile devices to deliver meaningful, educational experiences that help ready children for school. Bamboo Class, the second learning game by IntellectoKids, will be released in early 2017

Safari School
Age: 3-6 yo
Skills: logic, colors, counting
Safari School
Get Ready to Learn! Safari School takes children on wonderful learning adventures, where children travel by train with Leo the Cat to learn colors, sorting, counting & numbers
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Age: 3-6 yo
Skills: logic, reading
Bamboo Class

Coming soon on AppStore, Google Play and Amazon!

Wanna take part in the best test? Sign up by sending us a message via our Facebook page

Enjoying Safari School? Sign up for the Personalized Learning Reports!

Leo is our personalized learning adviser on Facebook Messenger, who will provide you with a weekly summary about how your child plays Safari School, what goes well and where your attention is required. The summary will also include useful learning tips

To sign up, please:

  1. Open Safari School
  2. Go to 'For Parents' section and register via Facebook
  3. Copy your code, open Messenger and send the code to Leo

Need help? Please say 'help' or 'support' on Messenger, and follow the instructions. We'll get back to you shortly!


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