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Team Mendeleev

Educational Cartoon

Meet Professor MJ and his weird and funny friends – chemical elements, together they are called Team Mendeleev! Our educational cartoons immerse kids in the world of adventure and friendship, while teaching young viewers about physical properties and substances of matter and the objects around them.

Learn how to use your favorite characters’ physical and chemical superpowers in the world of animation and fairytales to fight a villain and help friends! Dive into a world adventure with our tiny characters – chemical elements, who make new discoveries every day and learn about friendship and teamwork along the way.

Cooper (Coopy)

Coopy is a girl, she is a bit shy and gets scared pretty easily. She loves to play games with her best friends and is a great campanian. Her main superpower is to turn into a copper wire which makes her able to conduct electricity. Coopy can charge any electronic devise. But she usually uses her superpower to become a wire when she gets scared and wants to hide.

Professor Mendeleev
(Professor MJ)

Professor MJ is a great scientist and chemist and loves the work of chemical elements. He is a bit clumsy, romantic, and wants to change the world for the better. He is great a great-grandson of Dmitry Mendeleev, who discovered his gift to see and hear chemical elements, and Professor MJ now also has this superpower. In his laboratory Professor MJ conducts great experiments and our friends, chemical elements, help him and sometimes even make their own discoveries.

Hydrogen (Hydo)

Hydo is a boy and a youngest among our friends. He loves to play and have fun. He is happy that he is in the company of friends and for him friendship has the greatest value. Hydo’s superpower is that he can fly and he can fill up balloons to carry or transport something. Hydo loves to fly and uses it often when playing with his friends but of course he is always ready to help when needed!

Wolfram (Woolfy)

Woolfy is a young boy, he is very reliable and responsible, he is a leader among his friends. Woolfy loves adventure and discover new things. His main superpower is to produce light. He loves to concentrate and when he does it, he lights up!

Ferrum (Fero)

Fero is the oldest kid among our friends, he is very strong and he loves to protect his friends. His dream is to be a hero, a knight, and he acts very bravely and honorably. Fero’s superpower is his increasable strength! He can withstand any pressure or а hit, and he uses his strength only to help or protect!

Silver (Sil)

Sil is a pretty girl, she is very smart and sometimes is selfish. She really appreciates her mind and her beauty as she can bewitch with her beauty whomever she wants. She can become a mirror and when you see into it, it can distort your reality. Sil is a good friend though, she uses her superpowers to give her friends confidence in themselves when they need it, but sometimes she makes fun of them!