1-on-1 Math, English, Science & English Language Arts Online Lessons

For kids ages 5-7

* It's a complete 30-minute lesson

How it works

Our learners develop thorough knowledge of educational concepts while playing and experimenting

Individual, 1-on-1 approach, 30-minute lessons

Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) approach

Studying math concepts while playing and experimenting

Real-life based. Kids aply math topics in real life situations

Recognized curriculum aligned with the US and Canada school standards

We make learning easy & fun, yet productive

Math is NOT difficult! It's fun!

In teaching Math, we use the Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) approach...

  • Number Sense and Numeration
  • Shape and Space
  • Pattern and Function
  • Measurement

Science is everywhere - our learners see it!

Our approach to teaching and learning Science is based on Kide Science, a world-class...

  • The World of Plants & Animals
  • Weather and Climate
  • Physical Science
  • Properties of Materials

English: Phonics

During our 1-1 online Phonics lessons, we teach your child how to read and write in an engaging and individualized way...

  • Phonics
  • Reading
  • Language
  • Spelling and Writing

Our learners achieve measurable results!

Courtney, mom of Ben (6 y.o.)

I was really worried about Ben's first year of school because Covid disrupted everything. But these online lessons really helped to start on the right foot and made him more confident.

Sarah, mom of Abigail & Jacob (7 y.o.)

My kids both hated math, but the lessons really helped them to get comfortable with numbers. These lessons made my life so much easier, because I no longer have to stress or use time out to make them learn math.

Connor, dad of Jake (5 y.o.)

It's was clear from the get-go that we were dealing with professional educators. It's not just a bunch of random people. I looked through lots of teachers’ profiles and found a perfect match for my son! He enjoys his math lessons and actually excited about his lessons.

Vanessa, mom of Xavier (10 y.o.)

My son’s transition to homeschooling has been a ride. I couldn’t keep up with more advanced materials and needed professional help. I am happy with both Math and Science lessons - best of both worlds: experienced teachers and homeschooling.

Andy, dad of Olivia (6 y.o.) and Sophia (9 y.o.)

These classes helped my girls to get back on track for school over the summer. Online learning can be a hit or miss, even for adults. But I am beyond delighted to have found a teacher who can make learning easy and effective.

Alyssa, mom of Maia (5 y.o.)

Maia already knew the letters. Phonics lessons helped her to start reading the words instead of spelling them out. She is excited to get to talk to Kristi, she even dresses up for her class. We’re absolutely thrilled!!

Charlotte, mom of Liam (11 y.o.)

Liam has been struggling with understanding science concepts, but I realized that teacher-student fit is super important. We found the online science lessons very helpful!

Shanice, mom of Aliyah (7 y.o.)

These online lessons have been vital for my daughter to catch up with school material and prepare for 1st grade. Teachers paid individual attention and focused on what Aliyah was struggling with the most.

Meet our teachers

United States

Regan G

Teaching experience: 21 years

United States

Kristi O

Teaching experience: 10 years

United States

Vera R

Teaching experience: 4 years


Jaz P

Teaching experience: 3 years

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* It's a complete 30-minute lesson