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Online reception & 1st grade for children ages 5-7. Top rated teaching apps.

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Enroll your child in a school preparatory online program by kindergarten age

2-year structured curriculum for kids ages 5-7 based on Common Core State Standards (U.S.), the National Curriculum for England (UK)

Official certificate at the end of the program with a detailed report of the skills & knowledge learned

Math, Phonics, Alphabet, Science, Arts & more

Detailed progress tracking reports for parents and teachers

Library of printable learning activities to continue education offline

Online 1-on-1 lessons with teachers to further deepen the child’s knowledge

Webinars for parents with our educational experts

Educational cartoons and songs extend learning beyond the classroom

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Parents and trained counselors recommend and trust kids' educational apps

Qualified, experienced teachers from various countries ready to share the best knowledge and practices for the future of your children. Take a look for yourself!

"My kids are having a great time playing different games and puzzles with different levels. One of the best educational apps for preschoolers in the market."

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Evan Walker, father

"Great App. My toddlers love it. I feel relieved that my kids can enjoy, play and learn at the same time. This app really takes a lot off your shoulders without harming kids."

Photo of woman
Lily Cummings, mother

"Great for kids, and plenty to do! Thanks for the game. Very nice app especially for small kids to easily learn basics. Wide variety of educational games making learning fun and enjoyble."

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Marcela Wollman, mother

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Professional teachers and methodologists give strong recommendations to use the educational application

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"Dear IntellectoKids Team, thank you for developing games with the focus on subitizing. It is so important for kids to use numbers flexibly and your App encourages them to play with numbers and grow in their understanding of math concepts."

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Walter Hamilton, counselor

"Hi, I do really like your idea to support kids not to be afraid of making mistakes. Thank you for giving a child an opportunity to realize that mistakes are actually a good thing, they are opportunities for learning.”

Teacher's photo
Lillian Daniel, methodist

"Thank you very much for developing games that encourage children to search for patterns and relationships and to think about connections in math."

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Aleesha Barker, counselor
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Comprehensive 2-year online program to ready your child for school with top-rated educational apps

Hundreds of activities based on a best methodologies:
Common Core Standards (U.S.), the National Curriculum for England (UK) to help your child succeed in their learning.

From August
Learning at home
Till July
Ready to go to school

Alphabet & Phonics

Phonological awareness / Phonics and word recognition / Listening and speaking / Reading and writing

Coming soon


Number / Pattern and function / Measurement / Data handling / Shape and space

Learn more


Living things / Earth and space / Materials and matter / Forces and energy

Coming soon


Media arts / Visual Art / Music

Coming soon

Logic & Memory

Critical thinking skills / Thinking out of the box / Brainstorming / Logical reasoning

Coming soon
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What can your 5-7-year-old child achieve by using our fun learning apps?

The knowledge your child needs to be considered “school-ready”

Our School Preparation Program guarantees a structured approach to the core subjects of the school curriculum, helping kids to become great learners by providing them with the basic knowledge and skills they will require at school.

Helping your child feel confident in their knowledge

We foster the child’s confidence in their knowledge and help them form a positive attitude towards the educational process. We motivate kids to learn more, allow them to practice, and make it easy for them to better socialize in school.

Everything you’ll ever need for homeschooling

Extensive materials including animated videos, games, songs and printable activities for practical home learning. All our lessons are presented in a fun and interactive way to motivate children to study regularly and enjoy learning.

Monitoring your child’s progress and recognizing areas needing improvement

Our app allows you to track your child’s progress and gives you recommendations for further education in accordance with the child’s capabilities and potential.

Positive feedback instills a love of learning

We are happy to celebrate the victories and achievements of your child by presenting our Achievement certificate with a detailed progress report of skills & knowledge obtained.

A roster of highly qualified teachers for private lessons

Online 1-on-1 lessons with teachers will help further deepen your child’s knowledge. We give the opportunity to pick a teacher who can tailor an individual approach to your child.

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Let your child succeed at school learning with our unique program today

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IntellectoKids Classroom for iOS & Android

Teaches XXI Century Skills
Develops understanding of concepts & their practical application
Builds up awareness & self-confidence
Offers regular feedback and progress reports
Emphasizes conceptual understanding
Promotes inquiry and project-based learning
Inspires self-awareness and confidence
Provides assessment and feedback to child and parents
Based on gamification principles
Supported by complementary online lessons
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Try Classroom for FREE and consider using it in your school during the class or as a supplementary homeschooling material.

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Diploma & personal plan for school

Upon completion, the child will be awarded a diploma and personal certificate related to the skills acquired. Common Core Standards (US) & National Curriculum (UK)

Share this with your child’s teacher for a stronger start at Grade 1, helping your teacher understand better your child’s individual abilities.

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Online 1-on-1 lessons - choose a teacher


Professional preschool education from the safety and convenience of your home.

Ruth Berry

32 y.o 7 Years Work

With kids aged 5-6 years

Logic & Memory

Library of FREE printable teaching materials

More than 25 tasks and games free of charge

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Tutorials for parents

We help make parenting easier. Explore tips and advice for various challenging scenarios.

The Screen Time Rules

Children Born 1 To 2 Years Apart

Dealing With Jealousy Towards A Little Brother Or Sister

The Terrible Threes

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Back from school? Keep learning in a fun way with educational cartoons

Educational songs

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