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All preschool topics in 1 app

Introducing the ultimate educational app for kids! Learning Games app covers all the essential preschool topics, including numbers, letters, shapes, colors, and more

Fun & Educational

These worksheets are perfect for use at home, in the classroom, or as a supplement to online learning. They are a great way to make learning fun and interactive for young children

Activities based on
Progress with Oxford

A world-class academic approach to teach your child essential pre-school skills and prepare them for success in life

Educational Games

IntellectoKids apps for everyone: for toddlers, pre-schoolers, first graders, and even their parents!

Learning games
Learning Games
Help your child to prepare for school & succeed in Grade 1. The app has three sections:
Progress with Oxford
  • Math & Phonics activities
  • Based on Progress with Oxford books
  • Ages 3+
Classroom section
  • Kindergarten & Grade 1 materials
  • Activities, videos & songs
  • Ages 5-7
Learning Games
  • Preschool level games
  • Math, Phonics, Logic & Memory
  • Science, Music & Art
Learning games

Educational cartoons

Team Mendeleev is our cartoon series that educates children about science! Fun & easy early Science education for absolutely FREE!

Educational cartoons about chemical elements on YouTube