About IntellectoKids

IntellectoKids is a media, entertainment & education platform for parents and their kids ages up to 7 years old. We strive to create a lifestyle for parents aiming to provide high quality digital products for various daily parenting activities which entertain and develop young kids in a safe and controlled digital environment. Let your kids get ahead in their development and have some quality time to yourself. Being a parent is a hard job and we are there to help!

Our Vision

Over the last decade technology has changed almost all aspects of our lives, including education. Although technology cannot (and should not) substitute many efficient traditional teaching practices, it has certainly opened a door for new learning experiences, which in many instances is difficult to replicate at home or even at school. For example, how would you demonstrate the volcano explosion better than through an iPad app?

Today, the 'game approach' and 'personalized learning' are considered important as never before. The game approach is something that makes education exciting for our children. The personalized learning is the way to unveil our children's full potential.

And that's what we do – IntellectoKids creates quality educational games, stories, foreign language tutorials and other educational content that makes learning exciting for kids and help them grow in their unique way.

What is also of a great importance is when using technology, it must benefit your child and cannot be harmful. IntelectoKids advocates for active participation of parents when introducing digital devises to your children, rather than when there is no control in different environments like in a playground or with friends outside. New technology always brings change to our lives and parents need to properly monitor and establish certain rules in order for this technology to benefit and not to harm. IntellectoKids helps parents to learn about screen time rules, our tutorials discuss how parents should use the technology in such a way that it will be educational and not harmful. We provide our recommendations in regards to parental control, time spent and ages, how to establish certain rules which benefit the use of digital technology by your children.

What's inside?

Exciting & safe learning experience! Each app includes:

  • Learning activities for 3-6yo kids

    Created by educators with a vast experience in various early teaching methodologies

  • Exciting gameplay

    That turns learning into fun, designed by experts from the game industry

  • Safe environment

    No ads. No hidden in-app purchases. No personally identifiable info about your child asked

Our apps do NOT – serve ads, offer in-app purchases or ask for a personally identifiable info about your child.

The Team

IntellectoKids was founded in 2016 by two parents. Being passionate about children, we invited talented early learning & game industry professionals to put our vision into reality

Mike K.
Mike is a father of three. He is IntellectoKids CEO, overseeing our day-to-day operations, to make sure that kids ultimately get quality educational content. Mike is a former investment banker and is a second-time entrepreneur
Andrey K.
Andrey is a father of three and a Co-Founder of IntellectoKids. He defines the company's vision & strategy. Andrey holds a BA degree from Yale University and started his investment banking career at J.P.Morgan